The Skydda concept Skydda is part of a concept within the field of PersonalProtection Equipment in the B&B Tools Group, supplying the industry and construction sectors in Northern Europe with tools, necessities and components. Skyddas mission is through the use of the right expertise and products to contribute to a safe working environment, high productivity and the best overall economy. Your company can meet its environmental responsibilities in an easier, simpler manner through using Skydda. At the same time the Skydda Concept can contribute to both lower costs and higher productivity. Skydda is a total concept for the provision of Personal Protection Equipment which is available through your local industry and construction equipment dealer. For more than 30 years we have been supplying professional users with both products and know-how in the field of Personal Protection Equipment. Expertise makes the differenceOf all the necessities that your company needs for itscontinual running, personal protection is the one area where know-how and expertise are the most important. You need an expert partner that is fully conversant with laws and ordinances. One who knows what is required in different risk-inherent environments; who can combine knowledge about safety needs with the knowledge of the products that offer the best solution. Within the Skydda Concept you will find a comprehensive range of Personal Protection Equipment. MarketOur constant development of the product range is achieved inclose collaboration with manufacturers, distributors and different types of reference groups. This is very important to us in order to be able to meet the consumers needs, at the same time as we have to comply with the relevant legislation concerning work and health and safety. We also work actively with marketing and our logistics solutions are the best in the market. Sales functions are run through our sales channels in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Additionally we have significant exports to the rest of Europe.